Who We Are?

Our Mission

A little about myself

Hello, my name is Shirley McKinnon and I have nearly 20 years experience as a Property Manager.

My previous Property Management Company was a huge success, but I chose to sell and move overseas for a OE experience. I have now returned to be with my family and decided to do what I do best.

That is, to put my experience and devotion back into managing rental properties for Landlords.

My previous business had ZERO rent arrears, and I pride myself on this.  Experience leads me to believe it is all in the way you COMMUNICATE with Tenants, gaining trust and loyalty as you go.

The results certainly spoke for themselves.  This is my new business as I have started again and am looking forward to growing it to provide the service Landlords deserve.  I have amazing tenants on-board and am already 0% rent arrears!